About Us:



We specialize in 2003 and up Cummins powered Dodge Rams, bumper to bumper and all the parts in between.


We were born out of necessity and are not new to the car world in any way. I have been parting out and working on cars since I was little and have always enjoyed being around all sorts of cars which led to my passion of hauling them.


I spent many years on the road, ran all over the country and like you my truck was my paycheck; so I understand when it's down…the money stops. I spent many nights broke down in small towns with no dealer in sight. Even when I came across a dealer, it would take almost a week to get the parts I needed. It doesn't take long to hurt your wallet sitting broke down with missed loads, angry customers, and the list goes on.


Well to put a stop to that I bought a few parts trucks and put a few parts on the shelf, that way when I broke down or had an issue my wife could ship me what I needed. After helping several other stranded drivers that I came across during my time on the road, I decided to go full time to help take care of the working Dodge Cummins trucks that are helping you make a living.